HVDC Webinars Address Military, Earth-Moving and Commercial Hybrid Vehicles

February 27, 2014

HVDC WebinarsThe next two webinars in the HVDC series by Stephen Oliver, VP at Vicor’s VI Chip division, address the use of high voltage DC power in hybrid land vehicles. We have adjusted the schedule for these webinars to accommodate a guest speaker from the US Army, George Hamilton.

HVDC in Hybrid Automotive, Earth-Moving Equipment and Transportation Applications (6 March)
Using fossil-fuel engines alone can be very inefficient: research shows typically less than 15% of the energy in the diesel fuel is used for actual work in earth moving equipment. Many hybrid cars are already available, and the move to hybrid electric power in other forms of transportation such as earth moving/construction vehicles, trucks, buses and locomotives is rapidly gaining momentum. This webinar explores the trends and explains how engineers can design power architectures at 160 V to 420 V, as well as 800 V, for these applications.

Next Generation Combat Vehicle HVDC Electrical Power Architecture Development (13 March) – presented by George Hamilton, Deputy Assistant Director, US Army’s RDECOM
Military land vehicles face fuel efficiency challenges, as well as the need to reduce weight, increase reliability and make in-theatre maintenance easier. This webinar explains the factors driving the transition to HVDC power architectures, the impact of standards and approaches to develop bi-directional HVDC power systems in these applications. George Harrison will describe the electrical power distribution architecture TARDEC is developing for the Army combat platforms, providing a real-world example of HVDC power distribution.


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