What’s in Store for Power Designers in 2014?

January 22, 2014

Power ElectronicsPower Electronics has featured the views of Gary Gill, director of our VI Chip product line, in their Power Electronics 2014 Forecast.

Gary considers the challenges of removing heat in power systems, highlighting the benefit of using multiple surfaces for cooling. Most systems take a simple approach to thermal design, cooling through the top surface. In 2014, and beyond, application requirements will demand higher power densities, so requiring thermal design approaches that are more sophisticated than simple topside cooling.

Gary GillRead Gary’s piece to see how new power packaging technologies and materials, such as those seen in Vicor’s Converter housed in Package (ChiP) platform, allow designers to depart from topside dominant cooling.

The use of highly thermally conductive packaging materials allow substantial cooling through the package’s top and bottom surfaces. Gary explains how this approach offers other potential benefits, such as reducing I2R losses in the interconnecting copper traces by shrinking the module’s layout, further improving efficiency and enabling a dramatic increase in power density in 2014.


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