Vicor Webinars Examine 380V HVDC Power Distribution in Datacenters, Commercial Buildings and Offices

January 30, 2014

HVDC WebinarsStephen Oliver, VP at Vicor’s VI Chip division, will be hosting a series of webinars that examine the applications leading the move to high voltage DC power distribution architectures. The webinars feature industry experts with experience of designing and deploying systems in the real world.

The first three webinars address HVDC in datacenters, commercial buildings and offices

380V DC in the Datacenter (on-demand rebroadcast) – presented by David Mohr, Distinguished Technologist, Power Systems Architect, Hewlett Packard.  This webinar describes some of the commercially-available equipment, enabling the adoption of HVDC as well as outlining the roadmaps of some major manufacturers in the industry. The webinar also addresses standards to which equipment should comply and highlights existing datacenter deployments from 15kW to 1 MW.

380V DC Infrastructure (on-demand rebroadcast) – presented by David Geary, Director of Engineering, StarLine DC Solutions and BJ Sonnenberg, Manager Business Development, Emerson Network Power. The webinar compares traditional topologies to emerging 380 VDC/400 VDC distribution systems for critical applications. Attendees will also learn about existing HVDC deployments and how they can build upon existing components, standards and subsystems to create a safe and efficient power system, whilst ensuring enhanced reliability, lower cost and a reduction in the system real estate required. The presenters will also address existing DC infrastructure, such as green power generation, and how this can be integrated into a HVDC power distribution architecture.

380V DC in Commercial Buildings and Offices (on-demand rebroadcast) – presented by Bernd Wunder of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology, and the DC Components and Grid (DCC+G) project.  He will discuss how the increased efficiency of DC grids in buildings can increase the efficiency of electrical distribution by up to 5% and boost solar power system efficiency by 7%. With buildings consuming 40% of Europe’s energy, this technology is an essential component of strategies to achieve governmental targets for energy reduction.

Other applications addressed later in the series including:


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