Article: How do You Design for Capacitive Loads?

January 31, 2014

EDN LogoWhilst capacitance at the input of a DC-DC converter is a good thing, helping to filter EMI and keep the converter stable, a highly capacitive load can present significant challenges. In an article that was published recently by both EDN and EDN Europe, Dave Berry, principal applications engineer at Vicor, described the problems and solutions for applications that have large amounts of load capacitance.

In DC-DC Converters and Highly Capacitive Loads., Dave identifies problems that can be caused by highly capacitive loads such as exceeding the current rating of the converter, instability, and failure of the power supply. He goes on to explain approaches that will overcome these challenges at startup and during normal operation.

Read Dave’s article to find out how to develop stable, reliable power supplies for applications such as pulsed power amplifiers that have high input capacitance.

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