High Voltage DC Webinar Rebroadcasts now Available on Demand

January 15, 2014

hvdc-webinar-rebroadcastHigh Voltage DC power distribution is being rapidly adopted by industries ranging from computing and building management to aerospace and heavy land vehicles. Stephen Oliver, Vice President at Vicor’s VI Chip division, recently presented a two-part webinar series describing Trends, Innovations and Power Design Strategies for High Voltage DC Distribution, which are now available to view on demand.

The first webinar explains how modern component devices have enabled such a rapid adoption of this new approach to designing power systems. The second presentation discusses some of the standards and specifications that have made the transition smoother, as well as explaining how new power components and topologies deliver the performance required for high-efficiency systems when large voltage step-down ratios are required.

Stephen also covers the best design approaches for HVDC power systems; approaches to ensure the needs of legacy and new equipment are met; and how engineers can meet the most demanding requirements for power system performance.

A recent interview with Stephen Oliver on the VicorPower blog gives more background to the adoption of HVDC, and the reasons why he chose to present this webinar series.

Register to view Trends, Innovations and Power Design Strategies for High Voltage DC Distribution now.


Application-Specific HVDC Webinars

If you are interested in exploring the topic of high voltage DC distribution in more detail, Stephen and a host of industry-renowned experts are presenting market-specific webinars over the next couple of months. To register for the webinar that addresses your industry follow the relevant link below


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