ChiP Platform Named in EDN Hot 100 for 2013

December 11, 2013

edn-hot-100-logo-2013EDN’s readers and journalists are excited about our new Converter housed in Package (ChiP) Platform, and have included the ChiP Platform in the components category of the prestigious EDN Hot 100 Awards 2013.

Our CEO, Patrizio Vinciarelli, launched this new innovative packaging technology at APEC this year.  His presentation, which is available on our website, talked about the development of component power, and how ChiP technology will enable a dramatic improvement in performance for power components. Thermal design is one of the biggest challenges for power systems engineers, and the ChiP platform has been developed to provide superior thermal performance. The ChiP platform also enables improved power efficiency and integrates advanced magnetic structures and a high density interconnect substrate, enabling a dramatic improvement in power density over competing solutions. More information is available in our white paper, Introducing Vicor’s Converter housed in Package (ChiP) Technology and a video presented by Stephen Oliver, VP of the VI Chip Product Line at Vicor.

Vicor isn’t new to the EDN Hot 100 list: last year our ZVS Buck Regulators were named in the EDN Hot 100.

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