ECN Interviews Ajith Jain About Energy in the Datacenter

November 25, 2013

ECN MagazineAjith Jain, Vicor’s director, global communications and computer unit, was recently interviewed by ECN Magazine about the challenges facing datacenter designers and the trends towards greater power efficiency.

Jain covered a number of topics, including the drive to minimize the power consumed by datacenters that is not used by the IT equipment:

“By using enhanced power conversion technology to cater to high power CPUs, memory and chipsets, datacenter operators can reduce power conversion losses and hence reduce the cooling requirements, which in turn reduces the total power consumed by the datacenter. This is often referred to as PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness = Total Facility Power/IT Equipment Power).”

Another key topic was the move towards distributing power at higher DC voltages. Jain believes it is a key element in the drive to lower power consumptions:

“…high voltage DC distribution reduces the number of power conversion stages and hence reduces distribution losses.”

This interview covers several topics and trends, and is valuable reading for anyone who wants to understand how the design of complex power systems is changing. The full interview is available on the ECN website.

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