Webinar Rebroadcast: “Designing High Performance AC-DC Power Systems Using a Power Component Approach” now available in French and Russian

October 15, 2013

This popular webinar, which walks through an innovative three-step process to design a multi-kW, AC-DC power system with a dozen output rails in just half an hour, is now available on-demand in both French and Russian.

The three step process – identify, architect and implement – has been used by many engineers to quickly and efficiently design complex power systems. In the identify stage, the parameters of the output rails are determined and ranked in terms of their requirements. Next the system is architected, by building a block diagram with appropriate solutions for each output rail, as well as the input AC-DC conversion. Finally each block is implemented in detail, ensuring that noise, regulation, hold-up, filtering and other design requirements are met.

At the end of the session, engineers will be able to use this process to design any power supply system quickly and efficiently.

The webinar is available to view on-demand in three languages:

Разработка высокоэффективной системы электропитания c использованием системных компонентов
Ведущий: Лев Слуцкий, инженер отдела технического сбыта, Vicor

Concevoir un système d’alimentation complet en seulement une demi-heure
Présentateur : Salah Ben Doua,énieur d’applications

Designing High Performance AC-DC Power Systems Using a Power Component Approach
Presenter: Paul Yeaman, Director, VI Chip Applications Engineering.

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