Stephen Oliver to present at IEEE Smart Tech Metro Area Workshop, Boston

September 20, 2013

IEEE_LogoThe two-day IEEE Smart Tech Metro Area Workshop for the Boston area offers an interesting range of all-day and half-day sessions around some of the most innovative, impactful technology in the region. The tracks include smart grid, computer technology, life science and biotechnology, robotics, renewable and harvest energy, among others. 

To quote the IEEE directly, “Learn first-hand from the field experts. Each workshop is a springboard to a deeper understanding of technology and its myriad applications and potential for innovation.”

As part of the Renewable & Harvesting Energy Session on Saturday morning, 28 September,  Stephen Oliver, Vicor’s vice president of the VI Chip Product line, will present “Advanced Power Distribution and Conversion Architecture: Datacenter 400 Vdc-to-processor and Airframe 270 Vdc-to-transmitter”.  The presentation will consider how power component packaging techniques enable power density, high efficiency and low weight in today’s power conversion infrastructure.  Examples covered will be 400V dc to 12V and 48V legacy loads; 400V dc to sub-1V processor and memory loads and 270V dc to 30V/52V GaN and 2.5V SiGe transmitters. 

To attend what promises to be a very interesting session, you can book your place on the event’s registration page

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