Vicor Signs Semtronic Associates to Expand Sales Network in the Sunshine State

August 13, 2013

Whilst Florida is perhaps best-known for great golf courses, there are also great companies doing outstanding electronics development across industries such as data center, industrial and defense. As all these industries benefit from more flexible, efficient and dense power solutions, we’ve enhanced our sales and applications support by signing a representative agreement with Semtronic Associates.

Semtronic’s sales and engineering network spans western, southern and central Florida. With Vicor’s portfolio of power components, its regional sales and application-specific engineering support personnel will enable customers to achieve their ambitious power design goals from AC to the point of load.

Vicor enhances Semtronic’s portfolio of the industry’s leading names, such as Xilinx and Broadcom. With their complementary range of semiconductor lines, deep understanding of customers’ needs and unique approach to sales and application-specific engineering support, Semtronic will be a key part of our continued growth in the domestic market as well as helping customers in Florida overcome their power design challenges.


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