Rugged MIL-COTS PFC Front End Meets Stringent Demands In Aerospace & Defense

July 15, 2013


Boasting a wide input range of 102 – 264 Vac (input operation down to 85 VAC, subject to additional derating) and a rugged construction,  Vicor’s MIL-COTS PFC Front End (GP-MPFC1H21) is capable of meeting most demanding defense and aerospace applications.

Developed by Vicor Custom Design Center, Granite Power Technologies, the PFC Front End is compliant to selected MIL-STD-704F over-voltage transients. It also meets selected EMI conducted emissions and susceptibility portions of MIL-STD-461 when used with an external FF-2137B-13 EMI filter from JMK . The robust brick construction makes the PFC Front End resistant to shock and vibration, allowing it to comply with many environments in MIL-STD-810, including shock and vibration.

With a power factor of up to 0.99, a wide frequency range of 47 – 440 Hz and up to 1,400 W of output power, the low profile PFC Front End combines high performance with efficiency. It is the same low height as Vicor’s Maxi, Mini and Micro DC-DC converters, allowing design engineers to maintain co-planarity in high-rel projects.

The MIL-COTS Front End has a nominal output voltage of 385 V, designed for use with 375 V input Maxi/Mini/Micro DC-DC converters and high input voltage (384 Vin nominal) BCM Bus Converters.

The MIL-COTS PFC Front End is able to reduce overall system cost and meet the extremes of temperatures, from -40 – 100˚C operating temperature. This makes it ideal for aerospace and defense applications, including unmanned vehicles, ground-based programs and many others.

A variety of mechanical options are available, including a variety of baseplate options and pin type and lengths – see datasheet for more details.

For more information or to order, contact your local Vicor office.

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