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July 9, 2013

New Website Blog ImageWebsites are an integral part of today’s power designer’s work flow.  It is the manufacturer’s job to make sure their website is easy to use and that it helps customers seamlessly complete their tasks.

At Vicor, we’ve been busy for several months redesigning our website.  It is currently in alpha testing by our internal users and is being prepared for release in August.  When we sought to create this new website we started with you, our customers: we asked a group of power engineers what was important, which provided the initial guidance for our design.

We learned it was simply making it easier.  So, in the coming release we focused on the following areas:

1) Easy to navigate.  Making it easier to navigate through the hundreds of Vicor product families to find the functionality you need.

2) Easy to select. Improved tools to help you select the set of components you need to design a power system from AC to the point of load or from the DC source to the point of load.

3) Easy to architect.  Tools to allow the power system engineer to analyze the performance of their design

4) Easy to configure.  Vicor’s unique products enable customers to configure functionality to meet their exacting needs.

5) Easy to simulate.  Expansion of our online tools, allowing simulation of power systems.

6) Easy to buy.  Access to products through Vicor Online or through our global distribution partners:  Digi-Key and Future Electronics.

And with this release we are not finished.  We have a long-term roadmap in store, with features that will help power engineers explore advances in power, learn how to create more efficient power systems and design advanced power solutions.

We’ll post more information on this blog as the release reaches deployment.

I hope you find that this release meets some of your needs to get your job done.


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