Vicor’s Converter housed in Package (ChiP) Technology

Vicor has pioneered a breakthrough power component packaging platform – “Converter housed in Package” – or “ChiP” for short. Vicor‘s ChiP technology enables much smaller and more flexible component form factors, advancing power component design methodologies by simplifying design processes, and delivering power systems in a small form factor.

Next generation components based on Vicor’s new ChiP packaging technology can provide a 4X increase in power density and 20% reduction in power loss, equipping customers to achieve previously unattainable system size, weight and power efficiency targets that enable breakthrough product performance. ChiP technology has already demonstrated power densities up to 3kW/in3, and up to 850/in2, at up to 98% efficiency. In time, ChiP technology will support even greater levels of performance.

Individual converters are arrayed to utilize 100% of the PCB material, with no area lost to lead/pin attach. The wafer-like array is then sawn into individual ‘chip-scale’ components with no superfluous, non-value-added packaging, thus minimizing space used in customer designs.

The initial lineup of Vicor components based on ChiP technology includes five different package sizes, with more on the way. As of now, ChiP technology supports packages as thin as 4.7mm in ChiP sizes ranging from 1323 to 6123 with current capability up to 180A, voltage capability up 430V and power capability up to 1.5kW. With an expanding array of package sizes, voltage capability up to 800V and power capability up to 4kW per ChiP-based component are possible. ChiP-based offerings will include both through hole and surface mount products.

Vicor’s ChiP technology offers excellent power performance and can accommodate many different conversion topologies. It supports all known power distribution architectures with enabling converter functionalities including AC-DC conversion with power factor correction (PFC), isolated bus conversion, DC-DC conversion, buck, boost and buck-boost regulation and point of load current multiplication. ChiP technology supports high frequency zero-current and zero-voltage switching power conversion topologies performing isolation, voltage transformation and regulation in any suitable combination within the ChiP-based module.

Vicor’s ChiP-based devices can include on-board microcontrollers which offer a high degree of factory- and user-defined capabilities, command and telemetry potential – providing more control and flexibility for the system designer.

In datacenter environments, factory automation, test or process control, the flexible, modular nature of ChiP-based components enables great freedom to create application-specific power systems quickly and simply. ChiP technology liberates engineers and enables Vicor’s customers to create new ‘leapfrog’ designs with sustained technical and commercial advantages to increase market share in highly competitive industries. Vicor’s significant investment in ChiP packaging technology positions the industry for a new era of system optimization.


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