American Technology Award Win for ChiP Technology

June 24, 2013

Vicor was honored last week by the TechAmerica Foundation, receiving the American Technology award for Innovations in the Semiconductor and Electronic Components category. We are very proud of this achievement, reinforcing our strengths as an innovator in the power electronics market. Vicor’s new Converter housed in Package (ChiP) technology was the recipient of this award because of our advances in power density and power efficiency.

ChiP packaging technology leverages Vicor’s world-class power expertise and manufacturing capabilities with a new generation of ultra-high density, thermally-adept power components. Components based on Vicor’s scalable ChiP packaging technology have already demonstrated a 2X increase in power density versus earlier generation components, enabling customers to achieve previously unattainable system size, weight and efficiency targets.

This award – selected on the basis of a thorough evaluation by industry experts and technology leaders – recognizes the impact this disruptive technology will have on the power electronics industry as a whole. It positions the industry for a new era of system optimization. And for those companies that take advantage of it they will benefit from sustained technical and commercial advantages that differentiate them from their competitors.

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