Webinar “Designing High Performance AC-DC Power Systems Using a Power Component Approach” to be broadcast live in French and Russian

May 31, 2013

Webinar: Designing High Performance AC-DC Power Systems Using a Power Component Approach

Originally broadcast in March, we are running sessions of this popular webinar for French and Russian speakers next month.

Modern power systems are complex and will often power many different loads in a single system. Each load rail will have its own unique voltage, current, and power quality requirement, necessitating different design approaches for different rails. In just half an hour attendees will be walked through a three-step approach (using power components) that simplifies the entire design process.


The French rebroadcast version is available to view now (originally broadcast on 19 June 2013)

The Russian rebroadcast version is now available to view (originally broadcast on 26 June 2013)

The English rebroadcast version is also still available to view.

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