Article: Tap Online Design Tools To Improve Your Power Subsystem Designs

May 31, 2013

Historically, power components and their manufacturers competed largely on datasheet specifications and price. Power subsystem designs were mostly either discrete, one-off implementations that demanded substantial power-design expertise and effort or generic designs that supported rapid development but yielded less than optimal performance. Evolution in online design-support tools has broken this binary model and, in recent years, done so in ways that bring substantial value to system-design programs and mark an essential differentiator for power component providers.

Read the full article, ‘Online Design Tools To Improve Your Power Subsystem Designs’ by Vicor’s Stephen Oliver, which appeared in ‘Electronic Design’ this month, to find out how vendor-provided online design tools allow engineers to start developing and evaluating designs quickly, gaining critical insights into design alternatives and engineering tradeoffs, even in advance of sampling major power components.

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