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India LogoDesign trends in the DC-DC converter module market are driving applications in communications (4G & LTE base-stations and fiber infrastructure) as well as the computing and server markets. These are applications that require the engineering community to acquire a deep technical understanding to overcome the many challenges before them.

The escalation in energy costs is dramatically increasing the demand for higher DC-DC conversion efficiencies. To help the designer achieve these challenging goals, Vicor is typically achieving increased efficiency gains of 20% every 2.5 years. In addition, designers now require more flexibility and functionality from their platforms, putting pressure on the amount of space available for the DC-DC converter – making Vicor’s proven track record of increasing the power density of their converters 25% every two years – a welcome and valuable addition to the engineer’s portfolio.

The market opportunities and challenges seen in India form a rather special case. Increased government investment in the communications market is driving the demand for small, more efficient power supplies. In terms of the key segments that Vicor plans to target in India, the small size and high efficiency of its products makes the communications segment a natural area of focus. The communications market is expected to grow substantially in the coming years as increased user bandwidth is made available to the whole country. Typical applications for Vicor’s products include fiber-to-the-kerb and many other identified wireless infrastructure applications.

India has always been an important market for Vicor’s international operation, which has been supporting the region for over sixteen years through its network of nationwide distributors. The investments already made have resulted in significant growth in recent years.

In order to strengthen Vicor’s India operations, the company appointed country manager Ravi Kumar last year, with plans to triple the size of its Indian business over the next few years. Vicor is supporting this growth ambition with continued investment in people and resources and is now planning the opening of a local technical support office in Bangalore staffed by highly qualified and experienced applications engineers to provide direct support to its customers.

As a result of a new government policy on electronics, Vicor hopes to see strong leadership to encourage increased design, procurement and manufacturing of products within India that will help to further stimulate the long-term growth of the electronics market. Vicor’s technical team will be available to support customers’ designs and be responsible for developing valuable reference designs for the common applications in India. Vicor is enthusiastic and optimistic about the market in India and is looking forward to announcing further investments as the business continues to grow.

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Investing in India

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