PowerBench Tool Suite Delivers Customer-Configurable VI Chip PRM Modules

March 14, 2013

Designers can now configure and customize Vicor’s VI Chip PRM modules quickly and efficiently using the new PowerBench tool. This is the first time that we’ve broadened our customization to VI Chip products, allowing designers to exploit the high-frequency, ZVS buck-boost technology in a configuration to meet the exact needs of the their application, without incurring NRE costs.

The PowerBench online tool suite allows designers to configure and simulate 48 V VI Chip PRM modules to meet a range of PoL power requirements, whether for use as PoL buck-boost regulators or to drive Vicor’s VTM PoL current multipliers for Factorized Power applications.

The latest tool from Vicor is easy to use – users can specify the PRM module’s voltage, current and protection parameters and immediately simulate models in application-specific operating conditions. They can easily and quickly control performance and protect downstream devices. Other benefits are that data sheets, part numbers and pricing information are provided for each unique device. And because of Vicor’s automated manufacturing capabilities, these products can be shipped to the customer within five business days.

The configurable VI Chip PRM modules deliver up to 500 watts at over 97% efficiency and at unprecedented power densities of up to 1,700 W/in³, or 103 W/cm³. Full-chip and half-chip packages are available with voltages from 36 – 75 V and 38 – 55 V. When used as a PoL buck-boost regulator, the modules provide a user-defined output of 26 – 52 Vdc.

The VI Chip PRM modules’ online configuration tool is available via Vicor’s PowerBench online design center.

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