ZVS Buck Regulators Named to EDN Hot 100 Products 2012

EDN Power and optoelectronicsUpon learning that our ZVS Buck Regulator Family was recently named to the 2012 EDN Hot 100 Products List, I thought I would mention a few “Cool” things about the regulator that will appeal to everyone in your organization. The first thing is the package temperature. Soft switching allows your Thermal engineer to enjoy the thermal benefits of low switching losses over a very wide input voltage and output current range. Another cool thing is high throughput power. The family has very high output power capability in a 10X14 footprint and the smallest total solution size/Watt when compared to other solutions that are non-isolated and intended for a wide input range. Your EMI engineer will like the benefits a very clean phase node voltage can bring when it is approvals time. The resonant transition our topology offers virtually eliminates body diode conduction and the nasty reverse recovery spikes that are usually major sources of EMI. You may get to spend a little more time with the family since our solution has fast transient response, low output impedance and no external compensation required. Finally, your manager will love the simplicity of our solution. There are few required components.

The buck regulators provide a host of benefits for the designer including:

  • Wide Operating Range
    Wide Vin (8 – 36 V) and wide Vout (1 – 16 V)
    -40°C to 125°C operating range
  • High Efficiency
    >96% peak 24 V to 12 V
    >95% peak 12 V to 5 V
    Light load and full load high efficiency
  • Simple to Use -> Fast Development Time
  • Flexible & Rich Feature Set including I2C
  • 10 x 14 x 2.6 mm LGA SiP package

I’m grateful for the nod from UBM Tech EDN and the engineers who recently named the Picor Cool Power ZVS Buck Regulators to the 2012 EDN Hot 100 Products. It’s good to be “Cool” and “Hot” at the same time! Now I will need my Physics PhD candidate daughter to explain to me how that is possible.

Qualify to Receive an Evaluation Board: Picor Cool-Power® ZVS Buck Regulator

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