When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, power engineers are just like everybody else

December 21, 2012

Like many people, I am thinking about making New Year’s resolutions. To get some inspiration I took a look at the list of the most popular resolutions in 2012. One of the newspapers in the UK, the Daily Mail, revealed that the top four New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight, get fit, eat more healthily and to save money.

It struck me that these resolutions would also apply to most power supply designers. Don’t misunderstand me! I’m not suggesting power supply designers are unfit, overweight spendthrifts: these resolutions apply to power supply systems not the designers themselves.

Lose weight: we all want to get slimmer and lighter: just look at the popularity of our new front-end modules to see how important a thin profile is to engineers.

Get fit: the systems we design place higher demands on the power system architecture, requiring higher output currents to meet the demands of modern devices such as FPGAs and processors.

Eat more healthily: perhaps the most important resolution for power supply engineers in 2013 will be to develop systems that use less power – i.e. that consume energy “more healthily”.

Save money: we’re still in a difficult economy, so the systems we design must be cost effective. Just as individuals need to develop a system to help them save money, engineers can’t make meaningful savings by simply looking for cheaper suppliers. Engineers need to develop better power supply architectures that are inherently more cost effective than the ones we use today.

But what about the fifth most popular resolution in 2012? According to the newspaper, it  was to “get a new job”. If power supply engineers achieve the first four resolutions, they won’t need this one because they’ll be getting promotions and pay rises!

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