15A ZVS Buck Regulators with I2C Functionality Introduced

November 13, 2012

For onboard power design, Vicor’s introduction of the Picor PI33xx Series of Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulators  with integrated Zero-Voltage Switching topology provides system designers with the best of both worlds…incredible ease of use and high performance in a 10 x 14 x 2.56 mm Land Grid Array (LGA) System-in-Package (SiP).

We’ve stated any number of times in technical articles since the introduction of these new buck regulators in July 2012 that the integration of  proprietary ZVS  high frequency, soft switching topology into the buck regulators decreases switching losses and is the means by which we have made significant improvements in the performance of buck regulators. With ZVS reducing the switching losses, we can enable higher switching frequency, higher input voltages and output currents without the conventional loss in efficiency.

With an 8 to 36 V input range, our devices give you the option for possibly eliminating a regulator stage in your design which increases your power density, frees up more space on the board, thus increasing reliability and, in most cases, your cost performance.

Operating at a high Vin can dramatically reduce line losses within your system. In the example show here, approximately a 7 percent gain can be achieved by distributing a higher voltage, i.e. 24 V, within your system as opposed to 12 V.

Regulation Stage Reduction

Regulation Stage Reduction

Line Loss Reduction

Line Loss Reduction

Now Vicor offers ZVS buck regulators with current up to 15 A.  You can achieve even higher output current by paralleling these devices.  Using a single wire current sharing scheme, you can run 2 buck regulators in parallel with equal loading on each buck.  The two regulators will be 180 degrees out of synch with each other, reducing the output ripple.

All of the 24Vin ZVS Buck Regulators, including the new 15 A models have optional I2C functionality allowing you to interleave multiple regulators, programming in the phase delay for each regulator, to meet the needs of your system design.

I2C option devices provide you with:

-Vout Margining Function

  • Enable and SYNCI pin polarity
  • Phase delay (for interleaving multiple regulators)

-Fault reporting

  • Over-temperature protection
  • Fast current limit
  • Output voltage high
  • Input overvoltage
  • Input undervoltage
  • Controller VCC undervoltage

To help you program the device and/or explore the fault telemetry features, we offer a development tool that has a simple interface to work with the ZVS buck regulators.

See the new 15A ZVS Buck Regulators and learn more.  Visit Vicor at Electronica (#elec12), Hall A6 at Stand 560.

Video: PI33XX Product Introduction
Product Page: Cool-Power® ZVS Buck Regulators

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15A ZVS Buck Regulators with I2C Functionality Introduced

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