Need More than a Switch to Low-Energy Light Bulbs

October 2, 2012

Power Conversion EfficiencyReducing wasted energy by improving efficiency is important. Really important! In March 2010, the European Union identified five key targets for the next 10 years, placing the reduction of greenhouse gases – by at least 20%, and ideally 30% – as a priority alongside increasing employment, investing in R&D, reducing early school leavers and lifting 20 million people out of poverty.

Perhaps one of the most visible results of the targets has been the legislation to force European consumers to switch to energy efficient lighting, but industry will soon feel the impact: the German government has passed legislation mandating that manufacturing companies achieve a reduction of energy use by 1.3% a year between 2015 and 2017 and by 1.35% a year from 2018.

With consumers accounting for only 1/3 of worldwide electricity use, according IEA/OECD figures, and industrial use accounting for over 40%, it’s clear that other countries will follow the German lead. Energy efficiency is therefore going to be a source of competitive advantage in the future, particularly in energy-intensive industries ranging from manufacturing to data centers.

Today a significant amount of power is wasted in conversion. Equipment with inefficient power distribution architectures and components will be an increasing financial burden on the companies that use them, and forward-thinking companies are already focused on making better use of every kWh of energy.

This trend is particularly visible in data centers, with many leading companies launching initiatives to improve efficiency. Vicor is leading the way, having launched the first direct 48V-to-processor solution that complies with the Intel x86 VR12.0 voltage regulation specification. Rather than simply offer small incremental improvements, we used our Factorized Power technology to completely eliminate a conversion stage, slashing per-processor power loss by 10 W (about 30%), which could mean savings of $500,000 per year for a typical data center with 30,000 processors.

Increasing energy efficiency is no longer an option, and legislation is going to make lagging behind an expensive decision. As power conversion is such a key element of efficiency, Vicor is committed to delivering innovative technology that helps engineers improve the efficiency of the systems they design. Why not challenge us to cut the power losses in your next project?

We are running a series of onlne webinars in November, one of which is 20-20-20 Energy Strategy: Using 400VDC Distribution to Save Energy and Make Money.  Click on one of the links below to register.

Session 1:  Tuesday, 13 November (14:30 London, 15:30 Munich, 06:30 San Francisco, 09:30 Boston)

Session 2:  Wednesday, 14 November (14:30 London, 15:30 Munich, 06:30 San Francisco, 09:30 Boston)

Session 3:  Thursday, 15 November (11:30 Munich, presented in German)

Alternatively, if you are visiting electronica (13-16 November) you can attend the seminar itself. Visit Hall A6, Stand 560.

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