New Webinar: Designing Power Supplies for Defense Applications

Web Seminar: Designing Power Supplies for Defense ApplicationsI was asked to create a presentation for a technical webinar for those who design power supplies for harsh environments, particularly in the defense and aerospace industry.

 In managing Granite Power, one of Vicor’s custom power design centres, I have worked with a large number of customers on a wide variety of custom power supplies for the defense industry.  If that’s taught me one thing it’s that what I was asked to do – keeping the presentation technical, making it useful for all levels of expertise and getting it into just 30 minutes – was going to be a challenge.  Not because I didn’t have enough to say.  Far from it!

I decided to structure it along the lines of how I would walk a customer through their requirements for their application, getting the most functionality out of as small a space as possible.  Luckily, as a Vicor custom power design centre, we use field-proven Vicor modules as the foundation in building these PSUs such that we can create these designs quickly while minimizing the design risks.  Plug over! 

It’s not always that easy, though, to define the requirements.  Is the initial requirements document developed with the needs of the specific equipment in mind?  Or because someone has used an old requirements document, or it’s been created by someone who isn’t experienced at developing power supplies?  The implications for a poorly defined project are significant: a long and potentially costly design cycle that may end up with something that doesn’t do what it really needs to do.  Although it does meets all the requirements in the document.

Then there are the regulations that need to be met.  Specification numbers are often cited, but in reality does the equipment really need to meet all parts of that spec?  Often times, no.  A full understanding of all elements of the specifications enables designers to be confident at qualifying which are actually necessary for the specific application.  And what’s for sure is that this can greatly reduce the design time, design complexity and cost.

Other areas of importance, which I cover in the webinar, are the balancing acts we all perform, between requirements and the amount of space available for the power supply.  For example, you can have whatever hold up time you want.  But do you have the space to fit it into your equipment?  The same goes for cooling.  Often this is ignored until the design is nearing completion.  Yet the cooling requirements make a significant impact on the space you need, where the power supply needs to be mounted and even what whether the equipment will meet regulations.

Join me for one of two sessions on 27 June 2012:

Six Things You May Not Have Known About Designing Defense Power Supplies. But Should.

  1. Session 1: 08:00 New York, 13:00 London, 14:00 Berlin
  2. Session 2: 10:00 San Francisco,13:00 New York, 18:00 London

If you have any other ideas for webinar topics please let know.


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