Webinar Rebroadcast: Best Practices Using DC-DC Bricks

May 27, 2012

Web Seminar: Best Practices Using DC-DC BricksDC-DC Bricks simplify the design of power supply systems compared to discrete solutions, which require a lot of effort and considerations. Even so, power supply architects still face many challenges that can result in costly mistakes.

That is why Vicor developed a webinar that offers power architects a fresh perspective on the most common power design principles.

Watch the webinar to learn about the requirements a power supply has to meet. “The power supply is the first line of defense – it’s the connection from power source to the device and a lot can go wrong”, says the webinar presenter, Marco Panizza.

The presentation starts with a discussion of isolation requirements, regulated by several standards, before looking at electrical safety concepts.

The input impedance section of the webinar addresses issues of power stability.  Hold up is the function of maintaining the system alive for a short period after a power shortage in order for the system to take specific actions. Marco will discuss the needs and details of an energy storage element, typically a large capacitor as a back-up, and consequently the concept of in-rush current limiting.

To achieve higher power, architects parallel power systems. So called ‘high availability’ installations then face the need for redundancy and the webinar offers several suggestions on how to optimize this and the costs of the final power supply.

The webinar concludes with a topic that all engineers are familiar with – remote sensing – and looks at how to achieve the most accuracy and stability at the point where architects need to measure these variables.

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