Vicor IBC featured in ‘Power Electronics Technology’

May 18, 2012

Power Electronics TechnologyPower Electronics Technology recently posted a great overview for the new 850W intermediate bus converter (IBC) – IB050Q096T80N1-00.

Intermediate Bus Converter Module

5:1 Intermediate Bus Converter Module

The article focuses on key attributes and features of this 98% efficient sine amplitude converter and the advantages of this drop-in upgrade for industry-standard 5:1 fixed ratio converters for designers in computing, enterprise networking and other suitable point-of-load applications.

Emphasis is placed on how to use the converter from powering up to safe operation, noting key thermal and voltage considerations. A quick explanation of sine amplitude conversion shows why and how the Vicor IBC achieves the performance advantage over traditional square wave converters. Also highlighted is the availability of Vicor’s IBC Power Simulation tool to interactively model the module’s electrical and thermal performance under application-specific operating conditions and thermal environments.

Full Article: 850W Quarter Brick Bus Converter is 98% Efficient, Works With Online Power Simulation Tool

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