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May 7, 2012

We recently launched a new online tool, which helps you select and simulate the intermediate stage of an Intermediate Bus Architecture power system. Vicor’s Selector and IBC Simulation tool makes it easier and faster to optimize your power system. Ultimately, accelerating your design cycles and achieving better competitive results.

To help explain the tool’s features, here’s a video demonstration:

Joe Aguilar, a power system applications engineer, will walk you through all the steps. He starts off by entering essential variables, so the tool can calculate options based on the parameters. Once the results appear, Joe explains how to sort, filter and export.

Once a part has been identified he shows how to generate a reference design for the simulation type selected. There are 7 types of simulation avilable: Thermal, Steady State, Vin Start Up, Vin Step, Load Step, EN Start Up, and EN Shutdown).

As well as customizable reference designs there are oscilloscope-like tools for manipulating waveforms, the ability to compare and save simulations and to dynamically model converter performance.

This means you can consider interdependencies, such as the impact of variables like input voltage range, load conditions, ambient temperature and airflow. Variables defining external input and output filter elements can be adjusted to minimize input and output ripple and optimize performance while reducing the total footprint allocated to IBCs.

Visit the PowerBench online design center and try the IBC Simulation Tool today.  It’s free and you don’t have to sign in to run simulations.

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