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April 30, 2012

Specify your Solution

I was thinking of calling this post, “The information you get when IT and Engineering get together over a calculator”, but I was told by my marketing guys that didn’t convey the message appropriately!

We’ve been developing a number of new tools for our web site recently. Some of them we’ve launched – the DC-DC Solution Selector and Simulator being the most recent – and some that are going to be added to our site in the coming months to support soon-to-be-released products.

We’re focusing a lot of IT and engineering resources at these tools (hence the get-togethers over the calculators). Not to mention the marketing activity to make sure people know they exist. Why? Because with our bricks and configurable power systems, high performance power modules and semiconductor power solutions we have the largest range of power solutions in the world.  Nope, that’s not marketing hyperbole. The IT crowd have had their calculators out and have given us some actual numbers.

Have you seen the campaign we’ve been running to promote the Maxi, Mini, Micro DC-DC Converters Configurator? This one tool alone allows users to find a product out of almost 50,000 possible permutations.

But the full PowerBench suite of tools actually gives you easy access to all our products – standard modular products and power systems . Any guesses how many? All variations and combinations? Over 100,000,000. Yes, you’ve read the number of zeros right! That’s over 100 million permutations available.

The Tools

Complete Power Supplies

Fan-cooled, user configurable power systems.

Power System Products
  • ComPAC:  multiple outputs, low profile products, including heat sink or conduction-cooled models.
  • VIPAC Arrays:  DC input power building blocks with multiple outputs, coldplate chassis, low profile, robust package, connector or lug termination.
  • MegaMods: chassis-mount alternative to DC-DC converter modules, 25-300 W from 1 – 3 outputs.
  • VIPAC Power System: AC-DC, autorange input with filtering, multiple output, coldplate chassis, low profile robust package, connector or lug termination.
  • FlatPAC: multiple output, autorange input, wide selection of standard outputs, heat sink or conduction-cooled models.
Brick Products
  • IBCs: interactively model the electrical and thermal performance of intermediate bus converters in application-specific operating conditions and thermal environments. Select and simulate »
  • Maxi, Mini, Micro Series: full bricks (160–600 W), half bricks (100–300 W), and quarter bricks (50–150 W).   Configure »
  • VI-200 / VI-J00 Series: full bricks (50–200 W), and half bricks (25–100 W).  Configure »
High Performance Power Modules
  • We also have tools to help you find the the right BCM, PRM or VTM for your application.


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