50W Isolated DC-DC ZVS Switching Converter in Half the Size

March 5, 2012
Cool-Power® DC-DC Converter – PI3106-01-HVIZ

Picor Cool-Power® PI3106-01-HVIZ

I was listening to a presentation about our newly released Picor Cool-Power PI3106 isolated DC-DC converters, yesterday, and what struck me about the product wasn’t its list of features – impressive as they are – but how the presenter was able to demonstrate the benefits of the product.

 What does it provide? 

  • 50W of output power in about the size of a postage stamp!
  • With input of: 24V (18 to 36V); or wide range 28 (16 to 50V) operation for MIL-COTs
  • Temperature operating range of -40C  to 125C and -55C to 125C for MIL-COTs
  • 12V /4.2A regulated output (+/-3% over line / load / temperature)
  • 2,250V input isolation – simply amazing considering the size!

Impressive numbers, but do they really portray why it’s so perfect for ultra-compact system designs, where power conversion density is critical?

Think about what a discrete design would look like to achieve the power levels we are talking about.  You’d need a pretty large bag of parts, and the necessary transformer can be as large as the PI3101 alone (not to mention the design time, safety and reliability effort required…  but that’s another blog post):

High Density Isolated DC-DC Converter

Cool-Power® DC-DC Converter – PI3106-01-HVIZ

Even against a conventional isolated 1/16th brick the PI3106 is impressive, providing the isolation, voltage transformation and output regulation in a form factor less than half the size of other products.

The high switching frequency (900kHz) of the PI3106 reduces input filter and output capacitance requirements, further minimizing space and cost constraints.

It’s easy to see how this high density product facilitates PCB layout optimization, offering the designer the opportunity to employ a variety of cooling techniques and protects the circuit components against mechanical and ambient factors, thus improving reliability.

To access the product specs, datasheets and recent press release go to the Picor Cool-Power product page.

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2 Responses to:
50W Isolated DC-DC ZVS Switching Converter in Half the Size

  1. Mike Fry on March 8, 2012 at 1:43 PM

    I think the Picor Cool-Power PI3106 is impressive, but the subject title is misleading. Don’t you mean half the volume and twice the power density? Half the power density means the older version was much better.

    • Webmaster on March 9, 2012 at 7:48 AM

      Thanks for you comment Mike. Good point, we’ve altered the title for more clarity.

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