New Filter Modules for DC-DC Railway Applications

March 6, 2012
DC Front-end Module for Rail

FIAM – Filter Input Attenuator Module

Vicor’s Filtered Input Attenuator Modules (FIAMs) are designed for power systems engineers needing front-end EMC filtering and transient protection without incurring excessive costs, delay or demands on space.  The FIAM family has just been extended by the addition of FIAM110 and FIAM072 products for Rail applications.

These new devices, like the existing FIAMs, provide EMC filtering, transient protection and inrush current limiting, but are qualified to standards applicable to Rail applications. The FIAM110 and FIAM072 are Brick devices for use with Mini, Micro and Maxi or VI/VE-200 and VI/VE-J00 DC-DC converters. They can be used for a variety of train-related applications, including lighting, control, passenger information displays and any other systems using onboard 72 Vdc or 110 Vdc power supplies.

The modules provide EMI filtering to EN50121-3-2and have active clamping to give surge and transient protection to EN50121-3-2 as well as the stringent UK standard RIA12. These qualifications allow FIAM072 and FIAM110 to meet the rail industry’s EMI and transient immunity requirements. The FIAMs also comply with EN60950-1 Standards for safety of information technology equipment.

The FIAM110 and FIAM072 products largely differ from one another only in input voltage and output power. The FIAM110 is rated at 110 Vdc typical, accepts 66 – 154 Vdc inputs and provides up to 500 W of filtered power. By comparison the FIAM072 is rated at 72 Vdc typical, accepts 43 – 110 Vdc and provides up to 500 W of filtered power. Both products can deliver up to 98% efficiency with remote on/off control.

The FIAM110 and FIAM072 devices are qualified to a variety of environmental condtions, complying with altitude, explosive atmosphere, vibration, shock, acceleration, humidity and solder tests within MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-202F and MIL-STD-202G. Their robust, encapsulated construction protects them within demanding environments, while their compact low-profile half brick form factor, high efficiency and heat sinking baseplate allows use within space-limited and height-critical configurations.

The FIAM072 and FIAM110 products’ EN and RIA12 Standards’ EMI filtering and transient protection qualifications increase designers’ confidence in achieving trouble-free qualification for their own complete products.

Product page: Filter Input Attenuator Module


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