Configure your DC-DC Power Module Online

March 30, 2012

At Vicor we understand that power system designers face significant challenges to design systems that are becoming increasingly complex and meeting the demands for more functionality, less cost, smaller footprint, and shorter design cycles.  Vicor can help you meet this challenge.

By using the Maxi, Mini, Micro module configurator in the PowerBench suite of product selection and design tools, you can choose select or design the module that meets your unique set of specifications. Choose from more than 100,000 unique power module configurations — virtually any combination of input voltage, output voltage, and power level.   All are agency approved, and deliver the quality and reliable performance of Vicor’s field-proven power conversion technology.

  • Inputs from 9 to 425 Volts
  • Outputs from 2 to 95 Volts
  • Output power from 10 to 600 Watts
  • Power density up to 100 W/in3
  • Full, half- and quarter-bricks

The below video will guide you through a process to develop a module, using the Maxi, Mini, Micro DC-DC Converters Configurator:

You can design the module that meets your specific application needs, order online and receive it in just 4-14 days. To start designing, go to: Maxi, Mini, Micro DC-DC Converters Configurator

Any technical questions? Please email Applications Support


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