Webinar Rebroadcast Now Available:
“The Three Approaches to Power”

January 11, 2012

If you didn’t make our recent webinar – the first in the series “The Critical Design Challenges for Power” – you can still access the rebroadcast version here: The Three Approaches to Power

Even though I say it myself, Tom Curatolo, our director of applications engineering did a great job talking about the challenges faced by today’s power system designers and the advantages of the various power architectures available to them.

He discussed how the evolution of system requirements – higher power, higher density, higher input voltages, higher load currents and last but not least, higher efficiency – has significantly impacted the challenge of converting electric power from various sources, storing energy and delivering it to the load with minimum heat and cost and with maximum density and speed.

A number of approaches to power have been developed over the years. And in many applications, in many markets, centralized power, distributed power and intermediate bus architecture are still appropriate ways to power electronic equipment. Tom looks at the advantages and limitations of each of these. Before going on to look at how to address the new challenges in power distribution, including how factorizing the functionality of a power chain may bring significant advantages.

If you would like to listen to Tom’s full 40-minute presentation go to the rebroadcast here: The Three Approaches to Power. There are also versions available in German, Italian and French given by our local experts.


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