Train Control and Monitoring System

December 7, 2011

On-board train control and monitoring systems (TCMS) and traction systems, which have a significant role in the design of modern trains.

Train operating companies are now asking for trains that are capable of more than a simple passenger journey from one location to another. Modern “intelligent” train control and monitoring systems play a vital role in the provision of reliable, adaptable and flexible trains necessary to provide reliable train services that meet the expectations of today’s customers.

Increased utilisation of intelligent on-board systems, combined with reliable high integrity development methodologies, can provide today’s train operating companies with modern systems that meet basic safety, operational and maintenance needs and can also be adapted to meet longer term changing business needs.

One of Vicor’s customers develop and market the most complete range of systems, equipment and service in the railway market. In particular they are developing control and monitoring systems both for underground wagons and for trains.

Vicor’s “V” series (10-36 V input) VI-2 and VI-J 10-36 V products are ideal for this kind of application as they offer the wide range of input voltage required by these systems, which are supplied by the train battery at 24Vin.

These Vicor products are electrically and mechanically rugged, and are built to high standards that tolerate the harsh environments traditionally associated with the transportation industry. They are amongst the smallest, high density modules in the industry and meet industry standard requirements and regulations, i.e. EN50155.

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