New 98% Efficient Intermediate Bus Converters
have 75 Vin Input Transient Capability

October 2, 2011

Vicor’s new IBC054 Series of wide-input range VI BRICK Bus Converters are available as drop-in upgrades for industry standard 5:1 and 4:1 converters. These eighth and quarter bricks achieve up to 98% efficiency from a 36 V to 60 V input voltage range at power levels from 300 W up to 750 W, with 2250 Vdc input to output isolation. This series of bus converters offers a transient surge capability of 75 Vin for 100 mS for Telecom, Power-over-Ethernet and other applications.

The IBC054 Series, along with Vicor’s other intermediate bus converters, high input voltage bus converters and low output voltage current multipliers, benefits from Vicor’s Sine Amplitude Converter™ (SAC) technology. This offers significant improvements in power density, efficiency, noise reduction and transient response compared with obsolete square wave bus converters; switching losses fundamentally limit such converters’ performance to low operating frequencies, low power densities and low bandwidth. SAC technology also features wide input range operation. The technology offers designers a broader range of products, a better selection and closer compliance with their specific applications.

Designers wishing to quantify the efficiency and power density gains available by upgrading to a high efficiency VI BRICK bus converter from other manufacturers’ products can do so by using Vicor’s online cross reference tool. This allows simple selection of other manufacturers’ bus converter part numbers. Selecting a part calls up a table comparing its power density and efficiency to those of the nearest equivalent Vicor part, together with a product overview and the percentage improvements it provides.

The IBC054 Series’ high efficiency enables full load operation at 55°C with only 200 LFM airflow. Its small cross section facilitates unimpeded airflow to minimize the temperature rise of downstream components. The devices will inherently current share when operated in an array. This allows arrays to be used for applications demanding higher power or redundancy.

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