Intermediate Bus Converter Offers Doubled Power Density

June 15, 2011

Vicor’s new IBC048 series of VI BRICK Intermediate Bus Converters and IB050Q096T70N1-00 VI BRICK bus converter offer double the power density. Initial IBC048 series products include 300 W and 500 W parts providing 9.6 or 12 V outputs from a nominal 48 V input, with a tolerated input range of 38 V to 55 V. Further members of the IBC family are planned for future release. They function as pin-compatible drop-in upgrades for eighth-brick and quarter-brick 5:1 and 4:1 intermediate bus converters.

The quarter brick IB050Q096T70N1-00 VI BRICK Bus Converter is part of the IBC050 series of intermediate bus converters, offering a 36 V to 60 V input voltage range at power levels up to 750 W, 2,250 Vdc isolation and over 98% peak efficiency. With its wide input range, the device complies with the ETSI EN300 132-2 standard for 48 V telecom applications requiring 5:1 bus conversion. Its input-to-output isolation complies with IEEE 802.3 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) standards. The module’s low effective output resistance of 3.4 milliohms allows bus voltages of 7 V to 12 V over the line range. Its full 750 W output power is available for inputs of 54 V or above.

The IBC modules’ open frame configuration contains Vicor’s proprietary Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) engine, which has already been proven by millions of V·I Chips within demanding and densely-packed power applications. The modules’ high frequency switching cuts their transient response time from 200 to 20 microseconds, eliminating the need for bulk capacitors. SAC technology uses zero current switching (ZCS) and zero voltage switching (ZVS), which reduces noise and allows smaller, less costly filtering components.

The technology is also extremely efficient, peaking at 98% on full load, and maintaining high levels at lower loads. This allows a significantly higher power density and thermal management is simplified as power dissipation and heat is a third less than competing products’. The IB050Q096T70N1-00 can deliver full power at 55˚C ambient with no heatsink and only 200 LFM of airflow. Very high power output at temperatures up to 85˚C ambient can be achieved by varying air flow rates.

The modules are low profile and the IBC048 series’ industry standard eighth brick package is pin compatible with both eighth and quarter brick bus converters. Overall, the bricks were designed as drop-in replacements with all parameters equal to or exceeding those of any competing products. Typical applications include networking, computing and data storage, as well as telecom, industrial and test equipment.


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