PFM™ Isolated AC-DC Converter with PFC

January 20, 2011

The new PFM™ VI Brick™ AC to DC converter is a flagship addition to Vicor’s power conversion range, which complements a growing array of VI BRICK and V.I Chip™ converter building blocks that provide unparalleled density, efficiency and connectivity from the wall plug to the point of load. With Adaptive Cell™ topology, the PFM™ delivers a low noise, power factor corrected 48 VDC 330 W output with consistent efficiency across the worldwide range of AC supply voltage levels – from Japan’s 85 V to the UK’s 240 V, and higher.

The PFM VI Brick’s consistently high efficiency is made possible by the adaptive cells, which dynamically configure in parallel for lower voltages, or in series for higher inputs. As a result, designers no longer have to over specify their power system just to cater for worst-case voltages. Instead, the PFM VI Brick’s thin 9.5 mm profile, together with Vicor’s growing array of VI Brick and V•I Chip™ converter building blocks, facilitates slim products with competitive advantages for their designers.

The PFM’s low noise SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) 48 V output supports efficient power distribution and safe secondary-side energy storage. This provides hold-up during line cycle drop. Efficiency is 93%, while heat dissipation is boosted by the familiar thermally-enhanced Brick packaging. The PFM has an internal microcontroller to handle PFC, fault monitoring and other housekeeping functions.

The VI Brick™ product is in mass production now, while the V•I Chip™ Surface Mount and Through Hole variants will become available soon. Datasheets and technical documentation are also available.

For datasheet CLICK HERE


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