New MIL-COTS VI Brick Filter adds MIL-STD transient and EMI compliance to power conversion design

September 16, 2010

Vicor’s new MIL-COTS VI Brick Filter provides a transient and EMI filtering DC front end to protect MIL-COTS power conversion systems, which complies with stringent military standards. It is available either as a stand-alone filter, or as an integrated Filter/PRM Regulator Module. Substantially smaller than competing products with similar power ratings, both versions of the MIL-COTS VI Brick Filter provide compliance with MIL-STD-1275A/B/D for transients, and MIL-STD-461E/F for EMI conducted emission and conducted susceptibility. The stand-alone Filter also complies with MIL-STD-704A/E/F for input transients, while the Filter/PRM Module complies with MIL-STD-704A-F.

Both versions of the Filter are designed to operate as part of a Vicor Factorised Power Architecture (FPA) power conversion system. FPA solves the demands created by today’s component densities, proliferation of onboard voltage levels, and ever faster transient response requirements. It provides high density, high efficiency, low noise operation, architectural flexibility, extremely fast transient response and elimination of bulk capacitance at the point-of-load (POL).

The integrated Filter/PRM Module, with an efficiency of approximately 95%, is a non-isolated regulator capable of both boosting and bucking a wide range of input voltages from 16.5 to 50 VDC. It provides a controlled FPA Factorised Bus distribution voltage for powering downstream MIL-COTS VI BRICK VTM current multipliers that provide fast, efficient, isolated, low noise POL converters. This combination of MIL-COTS VI Brick Filter and MIL-COTS VI Brick VTM provides a complete MIL-COTS EMI and transient filtered DC – DC converter subsystem with all the benefits of Vicor’s Factorised Power Architecture (FPA). With an output power of 120 W, the stand-alone version of the Filter can be used in front of MIL-COTS Brick and V.I Chip PRMs to gain the same benefits.

The new VI Brick Filter is typically used in military ground vehicle and airborne systems. Examples of ground vehicle applications include communications, targeting systems, flat panel displays, RF jamming and GPS mobile tracking. It provides design flexibility in minimal space, where military standard EMI and transient protection is essential.


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