New Vicor website eases power product selection and design

April 7, 2010

Vicor‘s newly launched website is significantly improved, featuring innovative tools to inform your search for your ideal power products. These include a new part search toolbar, quick access to new product selectors and a wealth of applications stories.

It’s easy to find inspiration for your development ideas to get you started. The Vicor website’s growing range of application solution stories covers defence, aerospace, industrial, security and many other rugged or demanding situations. They show how designers are using Vicor products to improve efficiency, reliability, durability and performance while cutting power supply footprint, costs and carbon emissions. Click on any of the parts highlighted within the stories to be taken directly to those parts’ detailed product pages.

Alternatively, if you know the part number of the product you’re seeking, enter it into the new part search toolbar. The site responds by creating a new page for that product. Uniquely, all the information about the product is available on this page – everything in one place.

You can also click on any of the new product selector links to see a matrix of relevant products. Then, simply by entering parameter values – Input Voltage, for example – critical to your requirement, you can retrieve a shortlist of products best matched to your application. Now, a single click generates a product page for your chosen part.

The new Vicor website is designed to guide you through your complete design process, from your first investigation of what’s possible, to detailed electrical and mechanical integration of the chosen Vicor products into your equipment. And if you have further questions, the website offers contact details for your nearest worldwide applications group engineer.

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