380 Vdc to 48 Vdc High-Efficiency Powertrain Conversion

January 10, 2010

Complete power-train conversion, from 380 Vdc to a standard 48 Vdc rail, can be achieved with a new Bus Conversion Module (BCM™) from V•I Chip Corporation, The VIB0002TFJ features a MHz-switching zero-voltage switching (ZVS™), zero-current switching (ZCS™), sine amplitude converter (SAC™) to achieve a high power density of 1,150 W/in3 and over 95% efficiency. In eco-array configurations, efficiency is over 90% from a 10% light-load, to full-load at multi-kW power levels. Established factorised power architecture components supply an easy and efficient step from the 48 Vdc rail to high-current, sub-1 V loads.

The exceptional flexibility and compact, 1/16th brick footprint of the VIB0002TFJ allow system designers to locate the power conversion stage per rack, per shelf or even per individual processor blade, whilst compatibility with standard pick-and-place and surface-mount assembly processes minimises manufacturing costs.

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