Vicor Helps Power Solar Boat

December 25, 2009

Built in stainless steel, the stunning, 25-metre boat is manufactured by Kopf-Solarschiff for use as a sightseeing ferry with a capacity of up to 110 passengers and a range of up to 90 kilometres.

A charge regulator, designed and manufactured by Uhlmann Solar with specialist support from Vicor is used to convert power from the solar panels into two batteries operating at different voltages: a 24 V battery is used to power the lighting and audio system, whilst a 300 V battery provides the drive power for the boat.

Uhlmann Solar used four Vicor DC-DC converters in series to step up the voltage to that required by the battery powering the drive system. For the latest application note and more information about using Vicor modules in series click here.

Two further DC-DC converters were used to power the lighting and audio system. The compact packages of the Vicor modules also helped to keep the mounting costs low.

Uhlmann Solar have also used Vicor converters to create other special DC-DC converters, designed for specific customer applications.

Kopf Solarschiff
Uhlmann Solarelectronic

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