Reduce Your Power System Volume by 75%

December 19, 2009

The combination of 840 W/in3 power density and 94.5% efficiency from a half-inch square, ‘half-chip’ V•I Chip package enables the VIB0101THJ to achieve a 75% reduction in overall power-system volume compared to equivalent power-rated modules.

The first of the new 1/32nd bricks, the VIB0101THJ Bus Converter Module (BCM™) provides an easy, fast and flexible approach to achieving higher overall system efficiency combined with reduced board-space and cost.

Rated at 120W, the VIB0101THJ operates from a 38 to 55 Vdc primary bus to provide an isolated 12 V nominal, unregulated secondary. This can be used to power non-isolated POL converters or as an isolated voltage source for ATE, server, telecom and industrial control applications.

The VIB0101THJ’s Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC™) enables low-impedance interconnect and a reduction of x16 in capacitance which eliminates the need for limited-life aluminium electrolytic, or costly tantalum bulk capacitors. Thermal management is simplified by the low junction-to-board and junction-to-case thermal resistance of the V•I Chip package, which is compatible with standard pick-and-place and surface-mount assembly processes.

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