Vicor Modules Power On-Board Railway CCTV

July 7, 2009

Vicor VE-200 DC-DC converters are being used at the heart of the power block for a major new on-board CCTV system, installed by Portugal Rail, to increase passenger safety.

The power modules are one of the most crucial components in the main ‘CCTV System for Transportation Systems and Passenger Transportation’ project. The design needed a nominal input of 72VDC, with outputs to 12VDC and 24VDC, both supplying 100W.

Using the 12V VE-241-CW and 24V VE-243-CU DC-DC converters, and working with Vicor distributor Arrow Iberia, the design team followed Vicor guidelines to create an active filter circuit for EMC filtering and input protection. This shielded the system from damage caused by fast transients and surges. The finished power block passed all the tests for reliable operation across a wide temperature range, and in the presence of transients, surges, shock and vibration, allowing it to gain EN50155 certification.

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