New 28V Micro DC-DC Converters for Commercial or MIL-COTS Power

June 25, 2009

The addition of eight new wide-input 28V quarter-brick Micro DC-DC converters from Vicor provide more choice for power designers in commercial, industrial or MIL-COTS applications.

With efficiency up to 82%, these new converters operate from 28V nominal input with an input range of 9 to 36V. They offer nominal output voltages from 3.3 to 48VDC with a wide nominal output voltage trim range of 10% to 110%. The maximum power rating for the 12 to 48V output modules is 100W, whilst the 3.3V and 5.0V versions are rated for 50W maximum power. Four environmental grades support operation at temperatures down to -55°C, whilst the choice of six pin styles, and three baseplates, provides flexible mounting options. These compact modules are available with gold/copper terminations for RoHS-compliant designs, or with tin/lead terminations for RoHS-exempt applications.

Designed for 12V or 24V commercial or MIL-COTS vehicle battery systems, these DC-DC converters can also be used for man-portable applications such as lighting, communications and portable test equipment as well as display and control systems.

To discuss this product, contact your local Vicor office – lead-times are as short as three weeks for prototype quantities.

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