New Demo Board Eases Accurate LED Driving

July 25, 2008

The new pre-regulator module (PRM™) demonstration board, from V.I. Chip, delivers constant-current accuracy of 99.7% for lower power consumption LED-driving applications. A standalone PRM provides adjustable non-isolated currents up to 240W (5A at 48V). When combined with a voltage transformation module (VTM™), the PRM produces isolated currents up to 100A using less than 1 W per 1000 Lumens generated.

The constant-current PRM™ demonstration board provides precisely-regulated currents for direct-drive multi-LED applications which control LED intensity and brightness by current regulation. The board can be used as a standalone module to provide an adjustable non-isolated current up to 240 W (5 A at 48 V), or can be combined with a V.I.Chip voltage transformation module (VTM™) to provide an adjustable, isolated current up to 100 A. Using less than 1 W for every 1000 Lumens generated by the LEDs, the PRM+VTM combination can be used with BCM™ bus converters and low voltage driver ICs in lower power applications such as LED TV backlighting.

The new evaluation board demonstrates the high power density of the PRM, with current accuracy of 99.7% across the load range. Kelvin connections allow the efficiency of the V.I Chip™ components to be measured independently of load connect losses. Oscilloscope probe jacks are available to measure the output voltage, including output voltage ripple, and the board has fused PRM inputs as well as system enable and disable. There is also the option to mount a V.I Chip push-pin heat-sink.

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