New VI BRICK™ Advanced DC-DC Power Platform

April 11, 2008

By integrating V•I Chip™ technology into traditional brick packages, the new VI BRICK™ modular DC-DC power platform delivers significantly increased power capability and design flexibility. The family’s robust, low-profile brick packages facilitate both thermal management and through-hole assembly.

The 45 modules within the VI BRICK™ family are optimised for a range of DC-DC configurations: Intermediate Bus Architecture or point-of-load (POL) designs that require multiple output voltages; flexible DC-DC regulation and transformation using Factorized Power™; and 48V DC-DC conversion using advanced Sine Amplitude Converter™ technology.

With a fast transient response, VI BRICK™ modules also minimise the need for bulk capacitance storage near the load, which reduces both space and cost.

Intermediate Bus Architecture or point-of-load (POL)

VI BRICK BCM™ modules can be used to provide an isolated intermediate bus to power multiple non-isolated point-of-load (POL) converters, or as an independent power source. Yielding power density of up to 390 W/in³, BCM™ modules are available with input voltages of 48 Vdc, 350 Vdc or 380 Vdc, and output voltages of 1.5 to 48 Vdc. A typical application would be powering individual cards or blades directly from the HV distribution bus, in a high-power, high-efficiency data centre.

Flexible DC-DC conversion with Factorized Power™ technology

VI BRICK PRM™ and VTM™ modules are a flexible and scalable option for DC-DC power conversion, incorporating the advantages of advanced Factorized Power™ technology. These advantages include high power density and efficiency, low-noise operation, and extremely fast transient response. VI BRICK PRM™ and VTM™ modules support a number of design configurations including multiple outputs, high-power arrays, high-current/low voltage, and high voltage, as well as isolated regulation and transformation to simplify thermal management and board layout.

48 V DC-DC conversion with Sine Amplitude Converter™ technology

VI BRICK 48 V DC-DC converters combine leading-edge Sine Amplitude Converter™ technology and advanced CIM processes in a familiar, easy-to-use package. They deliver high power density, superior transient response, and improved thermal management. Their high-speed, 3.5 MHz, zero-current switching (ZCA) and zero-voltage switching (ZVS) design enables efficient and low-noise operation throughout the operating range. Thirteen different models are available with isolated outputs ranging from 1 to 48 Vdc.

The VI BRICK PRM, VTM, and BCM modules have a compact footprint of 2.08 in², (1.91 X 1.09 inches) and a low profile of 0.37 inches, whilst the VI BRICK DC-DC converter modules are 2.19 X 1.91 X 0.37 inches.

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