A Guide to Vicor’s Unique Online Power Supply Design and Selector Tools: PowerBench

November 4, 2007

Vicor’s PowerBench offers designers the capability to design online a power module or complete power supply to meet their exact requirements. What makes this unique is that these custom products are manufactured on the same manufacturing line, using the same components and manufacturing processes as our standard products. This gives the power supply designer a custom part with the quality, price and delivery assurances they would expect from a standard product.

In fact, PowerBench is the umbrella for a suite of packages: in addition to the custom design packages mentioned there are a number of tools to help designers choose and configure the solution that is right for their applications, all of which are described below.

Custom power configurators

Maxi, Mini, Micro Series Configurator (CMDS) provides users with the ability to design one of Vicor’s high density power modules to fit exactly their requirements within stated parameters. CMDS also provides users with an easy-to-use product selector tool for all standard products within the product range and access to the library of custom products already created.

VIPAC configurator tool (VCAD) provides access to the specification of Vicor’s high-density, ultra-low profile (just 19mm) configurable power solutions – the VIPAC product families – available as either an ac-dc or a dc-dc product, with power up to 900 W.

The Westcor Power System Configurator Tool (VSPOC) allows a user to configure a complete ac-dc fan-cooled power supply to their specifications. With up to 20 outputs, a wide range of power choices up to 4,000 W and a number of other options (including PFC) available, this tool provides easy access to a wide range of power solutions.

Accessing non-standard products

Many custom products have already been designed by customers. Through the CMDS tool a user can now search through and order these designs if it is appropriate to their own application, configuring with standard grade, pin, baseplate and RoHS options. As with other CMDS-generated parts, these are produced on our standard manufacturing line. But, because we have had experience of this particular design, we can charge a nominal setup fee for these products, rather than CMDS’s usual NRE, and can deliver the products in the standard lead times.

Configurator tools for standard products

With the largest range of products in the industry, one of our standard products may be suitable for your application. The configurators allow the user to select the most appropriate from the thousands that are available from each product range:

  • VI-200/J00 / MI-200/J00 Configurator helps designers select dc-dc converter modules in this product range, a particularly useful addition to the suite of tools with a product range that numbers over 10,000 standard products.
  • Chassis-mount MegaMods Family Configurator Tool helps users select the most appropriate chassis-mounted packaging option, incorporating one, two or three of VI-J200 / VI-J00 products.
  • The ComPAC and FlatPAC Configurator Tools allow users to specify either ac-dc or dc-dc power systems with multiple outputs and power levels from 50 to 600 W. As both power systems are based on the broad range of our VI-200/J00 product families, these are useful tools to explore the myriad of available options.

Further information

If you wish to try designing your own power supply – and create your own My Designs account – immediately, go to www.vicorpower.com/powerbench.

For purposes of clarity we split the design and selection of our broad range of products into a number of different tools. However, if you do not find what you want in one tool, please contact Sales and Service, who will be happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your application.

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