Head-down Display Equipment for Harsh Environments

August 1, 2007

In recent years aircraft flight and navigational information have migrated from conventional round mechanical dials mounted on the instrument panel, to software-dependent electronic displays, capable of showing many types of information. In particular, a head-down display is a rear projection information system that displays essential flight information, helping the pilots “artificially” see their surroundings and the ground.

One Vicor customer specializes in the area of high technology electronic systems, telecommunication accessories and aircraft harnesses, which satisfy the needs of the international defence industry. They are now developing a new head-down display designed to operate in the harsh military aircraft environment.

Vicor Maxi modules are ideal for this kind of application, thanks to their high reliability and operating temperature. They are electrically and mechanically rugged, are built to high standards that tolerate the harsh environments of the avionic applications, and meet the MIL-STD810E.

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