Microlithography for the Semi-conductor Industry Using Laser Scanning

February 23, 2007

The PFC MegaPAC proves an ideal solution for a custom microlithographic processor. Depending on the semi-conductor manufacturers’ requirements, each system can be customised with a variety of output voltages, both positive and negative. The configurability of the product also means that lead times for this large piece of capital equipment can be reduced, improving the bottom line for the customer. Additionally, the modularity of the PFC MegaPAC enables fast system repair in the event of a supply rail failure.

A similar microlithographic process is also used for making a display. In this processor, the photo mask is used as a blueprint for the pixels and drive transistors on the display glass. Using this method, display products (flat panel displays like computer monitors, laptop displays, LCD and PDP TVs etc.) can be mass produced efficiently and cost effectively.

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