Expansion of the Maxi, Mini and Micro Families of Modules

February 8, 2007

Having listened carefully to what our customers tell us about their dc-dc power supply requirements, Vicor is very pleased to tell you that within the past year we have doubled the number of pre-defined modules available to you, making it far more likely that you can get the exact power that you need for your design.

The expanded range includes:

  • Mid power Maxis for the V 24, V 300 and V 375 families
  • Mid power Minis for the V 24, V 300, and V 375 families
  • Mid power Micros for the V 24, V 48, V 300, and V 375 families
  • Added 36Vout models to all the families

Compact and efficient, Maxi, Mini and Micro converters feature wide input voltage ranges, remote sense, enhanced output programmability, and low standby dissipation. Modules can be paralleled for high power or for true redundant operation. Five temperature grades (down to -55°C operation and -65°C storage), three baseplate styles, and four pin types provide a maximum of cost effective flexibility.

To see the range, go to Maxi, Mini and Micro DC-DC Converters

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