A New Lower-Cost 2nd Gen Option for DC-DC Modules and VIPAC Arrays

December 20, 2006

Vicor customers will be pleased to know that there is now a new, lower cost option for the high performance line of 2nd Generation dc-dc converter modules and VIPAC Arrays – E-Grade versions.

With the addition of the E-grade, Vicor can now offer four different environmental grades of the 2nd Gen product family: E-grade products have an operating temperature range down to –10°C; C-grade operate down to –25 °C; T and H-grades at –40 °C; and M-grades at –55 °C. Additionally H and M-grade products undergo extensive environmental screening prior to shipment.

These dc-dc converter modules use advanced power processing, control, and packaging technologies to provide high power density, flexibility and reliability, along with cost effectiveness achieved through high volume manufacturing.

E-grade modules and power systems are priced approximately 15% below C-grade versions, allowing more power designers to reap the benefits of designing with high performance, high density dc-dc converters. These products are available in four different input ranges (24, 48, 300 and 375 V), seven different output voltages (2-48 V, with a 54 V available for 375 Vin), and three package sizes (quarter, half, and full brick). Different baseplate and pin options are also available. Efficiency ranges from 80-90 % depending on output voltage, operating temperature range is -10 to 100 ºC and storage temperature range is -20 to 125 ºC.

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