New Mid-Power 48 Vin Micro Modules

September 5, 2006

Vicor has added six mid-power Micro DC-DC converters to the 48 Vdc input family: a 50 W model at 3.3 Vout and 75 W models at 12, 15, 24, 28, and 48 Vout. The modules – which incorporate Vicor’s patented low-noise zero-current and zero-voltage switching (ZCS/ZVS) – are appropriate for power system applications in distributed power, medical, ATE, communications, defence, and aerospace.

With these new models, the 48 Vin Micros family now comprises 16 models with output voltages from 2 to 48 Vdc and power levels from 50 to 150 W. The converters operate from 48 V nominal input, with an input range of 36 V to 75 V. Efficiencies range up to 89% for the higher output voltages. These models are available in five different environmental grades, with six different pin options and three baseplate options. They can be configured in any combination in Vicor’s Custom Module Design System at

These mid-power products provide designers, who do not require the full-power capability of the Micro module, with a wider range of options that will make their designs more cost effective. In addition, the low noise ZCS/ZVS greatly reduces the design effort and filtering costs required for power converters to meet agency conducted emissions requirements.

Available as RoHS compliant models if required, the modules are a compact 57.9 x 36.8 x 12.7mm in size with a height above Top of pageboard of 10.9mm.

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